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Graduates’ Pressure in Finding Jobs毕业生的求职压力

Nowadays, more and more university graduates complain that graduation does not equate1 to employment. They experience great difficulties finding satisfactory jobs. What is the cause of this phenomenon

In my opinion, there are four causes:

First, graduates lack experience. They spend most of their time at school studying academic subjects and lack relevant job training. Only after graduation do they realize it’s hard to find jobs.

Second, competition among graduates grows more bitter and more bitter and bitter. The supply of university graduates exceeds social demand. This results in a decreased chance for any inpidual graduate to find a job.

Third, some students don’t study hard. Some of them skip classes just because they have no interest in certain subjects. Some play computer games or pursue other interests. Some sleep in class or in the library. Then they leave the sheltered environment of the university campus, to discover they don’t have adequate knowledge to apply for many positions, which makes them feel lost and frustrated2.

Finally, some graduates are conceited3. They lack experience but ask for a high salary, which is impractical4.

So, university students should try their best to change this situation. When they are in school, they should make the most of their time and put their heart into their studies. They can hold part-time jobs in their spare time to accumulate relevant work experience. They should take part in some social activities and provide themselves with special training, if possible. When they graduate and apply for jobs, they should attach more importance to accumulating experience than to their starting salary.

On University Students’ Pressure in Finding Jobs

About a decade ago, university students could find satisfactory and enviable jobs after their graduation. But now, things are different. Today's university students usually have much pressure in finding fairly good jobs. They always say disappointedly that graduation means joblessness. Why nowadays university students have so much pressure in finding jobs?

In my opinion, this kind of pressure is mainly caused by three reasons.

Firstly, the government is enrolling5 more and more university students year by year. And the growth of the students' number has surpassed that of the need of the society. So, when so many students graduate at a time, the chance of finding jobs becomes tiny.

Secondly6, today's university students, most of them are the "only-child", who are more mentally frail7. Since they are indulged greatly at home and haven't been trained to do things on their own, once it is their turn to go out of the campus and find jobs by themselves and decide what kind of jobs to choose, they feel bewildered and don't know what to do. If their first try fails, they will be frustrated and think that it is really hard to find jobs.

Thirdly, some university students are not qualified8 for good and challenging jobs. After entering the university, they don't study as hard as they did in high schools. They begin to sleep during the class or even be absent for classes. Some are addicted9 to computer games or Jin Yong's novels, or step into the two-person-world too early. Because these things have taken up so much of their time and energy, their study is neglected. After four years of university life, they haven't gained the knowledge those fairly good jobs or certain positions require.





再次,有些学生学习不努力。他们只是因为对某些科目不感兴趣,就旷课不上。有的玩计算机游戏,或者别的有意思的事情,还有的在上课时或在图 书馆睡觉。 然而,当他们离开这个与外界隔绝的大学校园环境之后,他们才发现他们没有足够的知识来申请许多职位,因此他们感到非常的失落与沮丧。




大约在十年前,大学生毕业后就可以找到令自己满意和令别人羡慕的工作。然而,时至当今,情况发生的翻天覆地的变化。如果想找到一份不错的工作,今天的大学毕业生却要常常面对着极大的就业压力。因此,他 们总是很失望地说毕业意味着失业。为什么现在的大学生有如此大的就业压力呢?





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