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1.2-meter-high Student Inspiring the College身高1.2米的大学生感动校园

  Born in a poor family, with a height of only 1.2 meter, 19-year-old student, Wei Zeyang in Chongqing Technology and Business University faced many problems in his life. Wei topped the Ten Students Inspiring the CTBU, and is regarded as an extraordinary person that has been through hardtimes.

  Wei was born on a farm in Lingbi county, Anhui province 20 years ago. At the age of 8, he was found that he didn’t grow in height anymore, while other kids grew greatly. Under examination, his pituitary gland1 was almost normal. But something was wrong with its internal secretion2, which stopped his growing. The family had no way to deal with the situation due to the lack of money for medical treatment. Wei started his hard journey from then on.
  When he was 12 years old, Wei left his hometown for Taizhou, Zhejiang province. No employers wanted him since he was short and without any skills. Even the restaurants would not allow him to wash dishes. Finally he decided3 to collect and recycle garbage to earn some money. For the first time, he earned more than RMB 1,000 through hard work, and he paid the tuition for three kids in his family after going back home.
  Since then, the young man would leave home for other cities to earn his tuition fee. He collected and recycled garbage, vended4 roadside stall and set up shops, and tried his very best to continue his study.
When the traditional mid-autumn festival was approaching, 14-year-old Wei bought a 14-inch black and white TV set, the only home appliance in the family, with 30 RMB from recycling garbage. Enjoying the smile on the faces of his family, the young boy encouraged himself: never lose confidence in life.
  In primary school, Wei always topped his class. In the entrance examination for junior middle school, he ranked second in his town. He even was prized in the composition contest commemorating5 the 100th anniversary of Chairman Mao’s birth.
  Wei ranked second among the 200 students of liberal arts in the entrance examination for college, and he was admitted to CTBU with a mark of 494. Excited for several days, he went to Chongqing, bringing with him only 200 yuan and a few clothes. But at that time, his grandpa was suffering from a brain hemorrhage, his father had diabetes6, and his older brother lacked the tuition fee in Sichuan Normal University. Money was really needed. During the first day of the new term, Wei had no money for the tuition fee and housing, no money for the books and other needed things. There are strangers all around him and no friend to help him out. He couldn’t help crying, “Can I afford to go to school?”
  When the head teacher learned about his situation, she asked him about his family and Wei told her the difficult schooling7 experiences of his. He will never forget Miss Yang’s words: “Xiao Yang, the teachers and the college won’t leave you.” Such is the fact. The college gave the scholarship for the poor students after learning about his case. He was excused from one year’s tuition and awarded 4,000 yuan.
  Thanks to this money, Wei can continue his study. He lives frugally8 and controls his cost of living within 100 Yuan each month. A little rice and a vegetable dish for lunch, a bowl of noodles for supper. He spends as little money as possible and even seldom gets a haircut. He valued the hard-won chance. He not only worked hard but also took an active part in the activities. Thus he became the minister for the Department of Network in the college of business and a reporter of the college newspaper.
  Although the tuition was solved, Wei got busy for his cost of living: help the teacher with some tasks, doing marketing9 research for companies, working as a garbage man, selling newspapers in a news pavilion. He cherished each job the teachers introduced to him for it showed that they cared for him. In this way, Wei earned 1,300 yuan for his 1st grade and for part of the 2nd grade. He also won the 3rd prize for his excellent grades.
  His classmates are also concerned for him. His roommates told us: “Wei Zeyang has self-respect and self-reliant, he refused our money, only wishing that we regard him as a common student.” Although leading a simple life, when his classmates sent him new clothes and money, he would decline with thanks. He said, with the help of his classmates, he never feels inconvenient10 in his life because of his 1.2m height. He showed the flute11 his classmate sent to him to the reporter and said happily, “Everyone wishes me to be happy.”
  The Students Association that Wei took part in also added to his confidence. Being a reporter at college offered him more chances to contact with the students. On the campus, Wei has become an example of all the students in the college, especially the example of the poor students. With the help from many people and his own hard work, it won’t be a problem for him to accomplish his study.
Recently, a company has been recruiting agents from colleges. After many tests, Wei was appointed as an agent on campus for this company. While many of his classmates haven’t been employed.
  Wei never gave up the pursuit of his dream. The pressure of living didn’t overwhelm his desire. Concerning his future, he has a splendid outlook: “Li Jiacheng is my idol12. I must work harder and harder to become a man like him.”

  12岁时,魏泽洋离开家门到了台州。他既没体力也没有技能,个子又矮小,到饭店给人家洗盘子都没人要,他决定捡垃圾。 充满艰涩和苦难的第一次外出期间,他挣了1000多元钱,回到家,他把兄妹3人的学费交了。

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